Thioglycolic acid (TGA)  india is the organic compound HSCH2CO2H. TGA is often called  Mercaptoacetic acid (MAA).

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It contains both a thiol (mercaptan) and a carboxylic  acid. It is a clear liquid with a strong unpleasant odor. It is also combustible. It is readily oxidized by air to the corresponding disulfide [SCH2CO2H]2.

The scientist David R. Goddard, in the early 1930’s, identified TGA as a useful reagent for reducing the disulfide bonds in proteins, including keratin (hair protein), while studying why protease enzymes could not easily digest hair, nails, feathers and such. He realized that while the disulfide bonds, which stabilize proteins by cross-linking, were broken, the structures containing these proteins could be reshaped easily, and that they would retain this shape after the disulfide bonds were allowed to re-form.[3]

Thioglycolic Acid 80% india  was developed in the 1940s for use as a chemical depilatory and is still used as such, especially in salt forms, including calcium thioglycolate and sodium thioglycolate. TGA is the precursor to ammonium thioglycolate that is used for permanents. TGA and its derivatives break the disulfide bonds in the cortex of hair. One reforms these broken bonds in giving hair a “perm.” Alternatively and more commonly, the process leads to depilation as is done commonly in leather processing. It is also used as an acidity indicator, manufacturing of thioglycolates, and in bacteriology for preparation of thioglycolate media.

Thioglycolic Acid 80% india is also used in the making of tin stabilizers often used in certain polyvinyl chloride products (such as vinyl siding).

Thioglycolic Acid 80% india, usually as its dianion, forms complexes with metal ions. Such complexes have been used for the detection of iron, molybdenum, silver, and tin.

Thioglycolic acid india is used as nucleophile in thioglycolysis reactions used on condensed tannins to study their structure.

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