Precipitated Silica India  is manufactured by the company using the latest Spray Drying Technology to provide the finished product in Free Flowing Micro-Pearl Form. It is pure white synthetic amorphous material,which is inert, non-toxic, chemically balanced and suited for diverse applications. The product undergoes further processing like Granulations, Milling, etc. to cater to different applications. Precipitated Silica manufactured at GMGBC meets international quality standards and offered for sale to Tyre/Rubber, Food/Feed, Toothpaste, Detergents, Pesticides, Latex Products, Plastics, Inks and several other segments. Highly acclaimed for imparting superior properties suited for various applications,  Precipitated Silica is stable even after long storage under proper storage conditions and safe packaging adopted by the company.


Jaychem Marketing  provides the best quality Precipitated Silica India for various industrial applications. The company today manufactures various grades of silica which find its usage in rubber as well as non-rubber applications.

Pesticides :
Supersil precipitated silica is used as a carrier and diluent because in comparison with cheaper clays, it has high absorption, easier suspensibility, better compatibility with most toxicants and better stability. Even after extended storage under tropical condition.

Printing Ink :
Supersil precipitated silica is used a s a thickening and suspending agent, to prevent set off and picking, to heighten brilliance.

Tooth Paste and Tooth Powder :
Supersil precipitated silica is used in the manufacturing of tooth powder like normal, medicated and transparent tooth paste. Supersil precipitated silica when added to tooth powder or tooth paste acts as a good abrasive agent, thereby cleaning the teeth thoroughly the transparency of highly porous and high surface area of silica permits the development of transparent tooth paste.

Salt :
Supersil precipitated silica provides free flowing characteristics in salt and prevents caking. It dose not effect on taste, odour, colour and nature of the salt.

Coatings :
Supersil precipitated silica is used as thickening, thixotropic, antisettling agent and as matting agent at high concentration. It also reduces gloss of trade sale clear oil modified urethane varnish. It gives satin sheen in nitrocellulose furniture lacquer. It is also preferred in aluminum extrusion coating and coil coating with long guaranteed life, to reduce gloss at all viewing angles. It is gaining use in high solid pigmented metal office furniture finish.

Fire Extinguishing Powders :
Supersil precipitated silica ensures extremely good humidity protection due to its hygroscopic nature, so extinguishers remain fully operational even after extended storage.

The production of precipitated silica starts with the reaction of an alkaline silicate solution with a mineral acid. Sulfuric acid and sodium silicate solutions are added simultaneously with agitation to water. Precipitation is carried out under alkaline conditions. The choice of agitation, duration of precipitation, the addition rate of reactants, their temperature and concentration, and pH can vary the properties of the silica. The formation of a gel stage is avoided by stirring at elevated temperatures.

Precipitated silica is silica produced by reaction of acid such as sulfuric acid with alkaline silicate at elevated temperature. Sodium silicate is the most dominant alkaline silicate employed in the production of precipitated silica. The silica is produced by precipitation, in presence of reactants by stirring the solution. The properties of silica vary depending on several factors including reactants, temperature and duration of the reaction. Precipitated silica dominates the global demand for silica.

Major application segment for precipitated silica include rubber, cosmetics, chemicals, plastic, adhesives and packaging among others. Rubber followed by chemical production dominates the global demand for precipitated silica. Major end use industries for precipitated silica include automobile, cosmetics, agriculture and electronics among others. Electronics is anticipated to be the fastest growing end use industry for precipitated silica.
Rubber is among foremost application segments for precipitated silica and the trend is expected to continue in the near future. Tire production dominates the global demand for rubber; therefore high growth in the automobile market has been among major factor driving demand for precipitated silica. High growth in global electronic market driven by increasing demand for consumer electronics is anticipated to drive demand for precipitated silica during the forecast period. High growth in personal care and cosmetics market is also anticipated to be among major factors driving demand for precipitated silica. The environmental hazards associated with production of precipitated silica have led to increase in the government regulations in the market. The environmental regulations are among major factors restraining demand for precipitated silica. High growth in coatings market is anticipated to offer huge growth opportunity for precipitated silica market.
Precipitated silica market is fragmented and major portion of the global market share is constituted by regional players. Therefore, precipitated silica market has high price sensitivity. Moreover low capital investment has increased the threat of new entrants in the market mainly in the developing economies. There has been surge in investment by major players in the emerging economies.

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