Cabosil fumed Silica  India
CAB-O-SIL® fumed silicas are used as rheological management providers in a wide range of fluid material remedies. Our items management viscosity, thixotropy, circulation, sag level of resistance and sedimentation.

Download this leaflet to discover out how our CAB-O-SIL fumed silicas can be used in unsaturated polyesters. Prospective programs consist of laminating resins, gel layers, pastes, putties, pedaling resins, glues and other remedies.

The leaflet also contains subjects such as:

Choice of the appropriate quality for your application
Combining and dispersion
Results of various elements on the compound network
Regulating position

This details is appropriate to soft ester resins, as well as the various sessions of polyesters and their combinations.

CABOSIL Fumed Silica India , for use with polyester resins and used primarily to thicken a resin to prevent drainage on verticals and overheads. Best allowed to soak in resin for a number of hours or overnight before use since it can be difficult to disperse in all resin types. Simply add to taste but not above 15% by weight. Excessive useage will result in a weaker laminate and possibly that the fibre glass matting may not wet completely.

Due to the cube of this product most people require small amounts. Each item you buy is for 250g lot of Fumed Silica. Should you require a full 10kg bag, please add 40 units to your cart. You will be sent a complete full 10kg bag and be charged accordingly.

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